Phlox Consulting is a Business Advisory Firm providing India Market Entry Strategy and Facilitation Services to overseas SMEs keen to harness the potential of the Indian market.

Our thrust is on enabling overseas companies to make successful business decisions and supporting their India market entry strategy. Our strength lies in our vast international experience and in-depth domain knowledge. We provide strategic advice to international companies on how to enter and grow in the Indian market. We have already successfully helped numerous companies achieve competitive advantage in various geographies.

Logo Symbolism

  • Colour violet is the colour of the crown chakra or the highest chakra symbolises peace and enlightenment. Connection to this chakra leads to liberation and bliss.
  • Phlox flower symbolises partnership and harmony.
  • The white color in the center of the flower symbolises purity, trust, understanding, sincerity and ethical practices.
  • The flower encompassed in the "O" symbolises that we will throw our ring of services around our client.
  • The letter p being small symbolises every client is equally important for us.